Siggi Clothier Co


  • Visual Branding
  • Print Collateral
  • Shopify styling

The Client

Before Siggi, Karyn sold fabric and handmade kids’ clothes on Etsy and at local markets. While she loved it, she had visions of a different look and a bigger business; she wanted to transition from maker to businesswoman. So she started planning her new line of ethically made kids’ clothes.

During the strategy-building process, we came up with this description of her new brand: The Siggi brand is an outfit covered in paint from a morning art session, then sent through the laundry and put back on to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner. It is beautiful without being fussy, and is built for kids to learn by playing.

The Solution

Part of Siggi’s mission is for clothes to have a long life in the hand-me-down chain, so we wanted a logo that wasn’t tied to any current strong trends. The clothes themselves are simple at first glance with thoughtful details. A text-only logo captures that high-end simplicity, and we went with a sleek font with a jolly ‘g’ to mix classic and playful elements.

We wanted the visual branding to show not tell. Some elements, like the scribbled pencil pattern, are more childish and playful; others, like the angular sans serif typeface, are more upscale. While this is a kids’ clothing line, the people who will purchase it are adults – and they will wish that some of these clothes came in their size.

What Karyn Said

On visual branding:

This investment, while intimidating at first, has been the best way to spend my money on my business to date. Before working with Elise I had a handmade side business making kids’ clothes. Now I’m a real deal businesswoman with an ethical fashion line for kids.

Visual branding really IS so much more than a logo, even a seemingly simple one. Every little detail adds up to give a brand personality, something I didn’t see until I saw all the Siggi details come together. As a customer, we subconsciously “feel” a brand experience, but as a brand owner there is a great amount of thought added to each subtle detail. Elise made me notice this.

Elise understood exactly the nature of my brand, and offered insight on my brand mission and vision. The result of her hard work is more than good branding. It is a huge confidence boost for me to follow my own creative vision for my brand.

On customizing her Shopify site:

I purchased a theme I liked, plunked in my content and images, and had a look at my site as a whole. I thought it looked great. I rearranged some parts of the home page and main menu and thought it looked even better. After Elise was done, it looked like a completely different website. Like, it transformed into a legit website for a real clothing brand.

I could tell that Elise really listened to what I needed out of my website. Her questionnaire got me thinking about feelings and actions instead of actual design preferences and details. She portrayed it in subtle yet effective ways on the home page and with the flow of the entire site. Everything she added or tweaked seemed like no-brainers, but I don’t have her laser eyes for these visual details to do it myself! It’s clear that she gets my brand values. I don’t know how else to put it, but she has “brand empathy.”

My work with Elise is far from over and I want to keep her for myself because she is my secret weapon! Next level game changer.

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