Sable + Jade


  • Visual Branding
  • Print Collateral
  • Shopify Customization

The Client

Sable + Jade is a line of sustainably made women’s wear based in California that will be sold in boutiques and through Sable + Jade’s own online shop. Tina, the founder, was looking for a full visual brand identity, including an ecommerce site and print pieces.

In college, Sable + Jade customers wore trendy, daring clothes, but now they are at least a few years into their career and want to look more sophisticated. They still want to be excited by their clothes and they want to make a statement, but now with more comfort and slightly higher necklines. They want to feel professional at the office and glamorous after work, without having to change clothes.

The Solution

Sable + Jade draws inspiration from warm climes and tropical prints. I incorporated these into the branding with a bold abstract palm leaf print – for those customers who still love to make a statement – and five triangular “leaves” in the logo. This more obvious connection to sustainability is balanced out by sleek typography.

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