Allie Olson


  • Shopify Customization

The Client

Three years ago Allie started Indiesew, a social network for sewists and a retailer of indie patterns and garment fabrics. She released the first sewing pattern under her own line, Allie Olson Sewing Patterns, in fall of 2016. By spring, she had launched a second pattern and wanted to be able to sell them wholesale, so she asked me to customize her Shopify site!

The Solution

After I narrowed it down to three possible themes, Allie chose this theme because it didn’t feel like a standard ecommerce site and had plenty of white space. We kept the homepage simple – just showing off the initial pattern Allie had at launch – and encouraging wholesalers to buy. This theme also has space for large photos on the product page, which is important when showing off a sewing pattern.

What Allie Said

My experience with working with graphic and web designers was quite frustrating before working with Elise. I didn’t feel like they tried to understand what I was looking for and the work was often delivered late. I loved that Elise had a clear timeline with due dates for me and deliverable dates. When expectations are clear it makes the process so much less stressful.

I decided to use a Shopify theme because I wanted something off-the-shelf that would be easy to set up and maintain, but I just don’t have the time for all the minutiae that is involved in setting up a website. Tweaking the theme’s appearance, resizing images, etc. is no longer appealing to me. I’d rather have a broad vision and work with someone who understands that and can execute it flawlessly. Elise did that.

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