Alina Sewing + Design Co.


  • Visual brand development
  • Website design
  • Sewing pattern instructions
  • Sewing pattern illustrations

The Client

Alina came to me with a logo she had created and wanted me to build a visual branding system around it. She was working towards launching a new career as a sewing pattern designer and needed a website for her blog and shop. Since she was planning on developing patterns for women, men and children, she didn’t want her branding to skew too feminine. She also was very clear that she wanted something very clean and simple looking—no clutter!

The Solution

The first step was to develop her visual branding. The main pieces of this were choosing fonts and colours and creating graphics for her tagline. Inspired by some mid-century modern images Alina had shared with me, I went with teal, light teal, and bright yellow as her main brand colours. For fonts, I kept things simple with a sans serif, and a brush script for very occasional accents.

On Alina’s website, I kept things clean and white with pops of teal and yellow. The page is also weighted down by some dark charcoal elements which masculinize the space.

For the sewing pattern instructions it was important that the PDF be easily printed without using up too much ink. It also has to work in black and white. This necessitates pared back design. For ease of reading, I also included lots of white space so people aren’t intimidated by walls of text.

The other part of the pattern instructions was creating illustrations for each step. Alina took photos which I adapted and simplified into drawings. After the sewing pattern came back from the pattern testers, we did a last round of revisions so that the illustrations were as clear as possible.

Ultimately, Alina’s pattern shot past her sales goal within days and was picked up by Indiesew.

What Alina Said

“I was amazed by how quickly Elise understood my vision. She listened to my thoughts and somehow took the vague vision in my head and turned it into exactly what I wanted (and didn’t know I wanted).

Elise was quick to reply back and skilled at producing a beautiful end product. I’m proud of what we ended up with and that confidence extends into my business.

Hiring Elise was worth EVERY penny (and then some); I walked away with a solid, professional brand identity and that is priceless.”

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