3rd Street Workshop


  • Visual brand development
  • Website design

The Client

This was a conceptual project inspired by an independent clothing company I admire. The line largely consists of dresses with classic tailoring and thoughtful details, often in bold prints. I narrowed in on the target audience as career-driven women (25-40) who are happily the best dressed person at a party, but don’t want to spend too much time making it happen. They are modern and urban, and they gladly invest in an item that balances classic style with a strong personality.

The Solution

This project focused on expressing the brand through typography. The typeface is strong and un-fussy, just like the women who wear the clothes. The line above “Street” adds a little off-kilter modernity, like a dress with an intriguing seam detail. For the mark, I carried over the above line, but switched in a curvy, modern serif typeface for extra sophistication.

The website (presented here as wireframes, aka without product photos) was focused entirely on the clothing. I cleared everything else out of the main navigation at the top of the page and moved it to the footer—still easily accessible but not distracting visitors. The “get 10% off” bar above the footer directs people to sign up for the newsletter to get a discount on their first purchase. The design is very clean and uncluttered, but elements like sideways text and text that overlaps images adds a bit of modern spark and personality to the site.

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