I’m a classic overachiever—organized and ambitious—who grew up, shook off that high school awkwardness, and developed a passion for finding the perfect font. 

I studied graphic and web design at OCAD University in Toronto, but long before that I watched my mom sew clothes and saw that patterns are only the launching point for endless style possibilities. I studied opera and learned that it’s better to reach too far for creative expression than not far enough. Working in customer service I discovered that a gentle, guiding hand is the antidote to the paralysis of too many choices. I also made an orchestral pop album and pledged myself to an ethical wardrobe.

I have worked as a freelance graphic designer creating visual branding for slow fashion businesses and am now the in-house designer for a sustainable development think tank. My work has been presented widely, including at the World Bank and the Gates Foundation (where they asked what agency was doing this impressive work—sorry, not humble about that one). I was also part of a small team that won the Alda Centre’s Flame Challenge in the graphic category. Okay I’m done bragging now.

I still take on a few freelance projects a year, so if you’ve got something on the go, let me know! Especially if you’re an ethical fashion/sewing company and you want layout design.

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