You’ve turned your passion into a business. Now let your branding do some work.

Your desk is piled high with samples and papers and swatches. Your calendar is full of trade shows and product photography sessions, and your customers are eagerly watching your Instagram account and shop windows.

All this hard work is your dream in action.

You know those brands that you recognize even before you see the name? With the right design strategy, that could be you. While you’re planning next season’s collection, someone is noticing your business and it’s clicked—they’re going to check you out. While you’re finally taking a moment to recharge, someone is arriving at your ecommerce website for the first time and, following its strategic journey, treating themselves to something beautiful.

A great visual branding system gives you more time to work on the creative projects you love.

As a freelance graphic designer who specializes in work for fashion and creative entrepreneurs, I know just how important it is for you to step into the world looking (and feeling) like the best version of yourself. From your logo to your hang tags to your website to your social media images, I achieve a fit that’s just right for you. Your business is the dress form on which I create a custom tailored project, and when we’re finished I’ll spin you around for that “Damn, I look good” moment.

I’m a classic overachiever – organized and ambitious – who grew up, shook off that high school awkwardness, and developed a passion for finding the perfect font. I studied graphic and web design at OCAD University in Toronto, but long before that, I watched my mom sew clothes, and saw that patterns are only the launching point for endless style possibilities. I studied opera, and learned that it’s better to reach too far for creative expression than not far enough. Working in customer service, I discovered that a gentle, guiding hand is the antidote to the paralysis of too many choices. I also made an orchestral pop album, and pledged myself to an ethical wardrobe, so now I can say to you with confidence: Your big dream? It’s achievable.

Your business is ready for a bold move forward.

Functional and refined, my made-to-measure graphic design will give you a gorgeous new look that captures who you are now and where you’re going next.

Other things I love:

+ Charlotte, my cat
+ slow fashion (& sewing!)
+ Jane Austen
+ homemade ice cream
+ feminism
+ the Dixie Chicks

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