As we are all tumbling towards the new year, I wanted to look back on the last six months and share some of my favourite articles for fashion and other product-based businesses. From marketing to fitting to manufacturing, these posts cover it all.

If you want more of the year’s best articles, check out volume 1!

2017’s Best Blog Posts for Fashion Businesses

Made to Measure: New Technology Could Help Online Shoppers Find the Right Fit

The Globe and Mail discusses the smart new technology that can help your customers find the right fit – and reduce returns.

How to Decide Between Managing Your Manufacturing Process On Your Own and Hiring Someone to Help

Are you prepared to manage manufacturing on your own or should you hire someone to help? And how can you adjust your budget in order to afford it? Startup Fashion has the answers! (Or at least can guide you…)

Shopify Email Pop-Up Best Practices

How do you use an email pop-up in your online shop without feeling like a total jerkizoid (and angering Google)? Aeolidia comes to the rescue!

Why You Shouldn’t Be Driving Traffic to Your Etsy or Amazon Store

Shannon from Factory 45 shares why selling through Etsy or Amazon are a waste of your time and money – and why you are better off selling on your own website.

What It Really Takes To Build A Sustainable, Made In USA Apparel Company

How do you actually build a successful clothing brand that’s manufactured in the USA? Several brands share their triumphs and struggles on The Good Trade.

The Step-By-Step Guide to Landing Press Coverage, No Publicist Required

You can get those impressive logos at the bottom of your website – no really. Foundr shows you how to focus your efforts and find the right outlets for your story.

Choosing The Best Facebook Custom Audience for Your Business

If social media marketing baffles you, Starling Social is here to help you navigate the wild, wonderful world of Facebook ads – so you can get more bang for your buck.

How to Start Building An SEO Strategy For Your E-Commerce Website

The Small Craft Advisory delves into how you can use SEO to gain traction online. She gets technical, but keeps it easy to understand!

The Age of the Emerging Designer

Not a blog post, but Scaling Retail published a super helpful read if you want to know the strategy behind successful brands. (Of course you do.) Read the preview version for free, or get the full edition!

What were your favourite articles this year?

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