Elise Epp / Spring wardrobe


Pavot Jacket / You’ve seen this here before. I intended to make it last fall, but then I decided to put it off until spring when I’ll DEFINITELY make it. This coat is actually supposed to go to mid-thigh, but I’m more of a hip-length coat kind of gal, so that’s what I’m going to do. I plan to make it in olive, because apparently everyone needs to have an olive jacket, like, last season.

Orla Blouse / When Tilly and the Buttons came out with this pattern, I immediately knew I had to make it. Partly because I have a kickass lace zipper that’s begging to be used on the back of a blouse.

Yoga Jeans / NOT A SEWING PATTERN! I’m going to buy a thing in a store! Already made! I tried on Yoga Jeans once like 4 years ago and didn’t like that one pair so I swore off Yoga Jeans forever. The thing is…they are made in Canada and now that I’m on a slow fashion-only diet, that kind of thing is important. So Yoga Jeans here I come! I tried on a pair at Christmas and it seems like we might just get along after all.

Butterick Blouse / Ditto the jacket situation: meant to make it in fall, didn’t, gonna make it in spring. But I got some sweeeeeet fabric from Blackbird Fabrics that I’m gonna use…for my second one. Gotta¬†get the fit right first. And then I want a mighty army of basic collared blouses for layering.


And I’m also going to make at least one more t-shirt because it’s so easy to impulse buy fabric for t-shirts (just 1m? count me in!) and I’m acquiring a stash. Oh yeah, and I’m gonna make some Watson bras, but I’ve talked about that recently so it didn’t make the prime spots here.


What are yoooouuuu gonna make this spring?


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