Elise Epp / March & August Underthings

Elise Epp / March & August Underthings


In my adventures in ethical fashion, undies definitely seem like the toughest category. Where does one underwear??? Fortunately for us ethically-dressed ladies there’s today’s featured maker.


March & August Underthings is a line of bras and undies handmade and designed by Alesha Frederickson, like, 5 houses up from me. If that doesn’t meet the criteria for local, I don’t know what does. She just launched her witch-themed FW15 collection and GOSH GOLLY it’s beautiful (so is the photography!). I’m eyeing some high-waisted undies; I’m thinking they’ll be great with all my natural-waist dresses and skirts – which I clearly wear constantly as a self-employed homebody. Shut up.


I asked her a few questions about her creativity and career. Here’s what she said:


Where/when are you the most creative?

I am most creative in my small studio in my home. It took me a while to feel it was my own and to separate that space from my living space but I have adopted it completely now. I feel my most creative hours are between 12-4. I like to have my morning coffee and tidy up my house before I go to work. It’s crazy how distracting a messy house can be to me even though I am not an overly clean freak type person.


What inspires you to make what you make?

I really love the human body. It intrigues me to make things that show peeks of body parts that you normally “hide” and in this we can highlight and love those parts.


Elise Epp / March & August Underthings


How did you choose this career path?

I wish I had some grand story but really I feel like it choose me. I have had a passion to empower people. Especially women about their bodies and yet I have this desire to create . It took a long time for me to find the right medium for those things to come together.


How did you get the skills to make it a reality?

I do have a background in Fashion Design but never learnt how to make underthings. My friend taught me how to make them and then hours and hours of research and trial and error.


Do you have other creative skills? Do you wish you did?

I love to cook, I am still trying to work on being able to invent my own recipes but I get a great joy from reading cookbooks, buying ingredients and trying new dishes even if all I have to do is follow a recipe. Also I have some basic crochet skills that I like to use in the winter. I would love to paint more but it seems that medium and I never got along fully.


Who is your favourite maker?

I have so many! I have learnt so much from Melanie Wesley and Jill Sawatzky about what it’s like to be a woman doing her craft.




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