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Today I’m making a pledge to opt out of fast fashion:

It’s important to acknowledge where our clothes come from and at what cost to those who make it. I will sew more of my own clothes and the clothes that I do purchase will support creators and producers. I recognize how privileged I am and I will use that privilege to encourage the good work that is already being done by many businesses. We vote with our dollars, and I vote for creativity, sustainability, safety, and crafts(wo)manship.


What’s in:

  • Anything I sew myself. (Like the outfit below!)
  • Anything purchased from a maker.
  • Most clothes purchased from locally-owned boutiques, but I will be aware of where and how the clothes are made.



  • If I’m sewing my clothes, I don’t have to source fair trade fabric. Yes, the fabric was probably woven by a five year old with bleeding fingers, but I figure this is a reasonable limit. Kind of like going vegetarian instead of vegan (I am neither *shudder*).
  • Underthings. I did just buy my first pair of handmade underthings, but generally I will consider them a goal, not a rule. (Though I think my days of 5 for $25 undies from La Senza are over.)
  • I will forgive myself the occasional transgression if it is a piece of considerable quality which I will wear for years and years.


Elise Epp / sewn crop top & skirt


I have no idea what I’ll do about jeans. Jeans are hard even with no slow fashion pledges! Maybe I’ll have to give Yoga Jeans another shot? Also T-shirts. Gone are the days of picking up a couple of cheap t-shirts or tank tops. Lucky for me, I just got the Union St. Tee from Hey June Handmade. Since I can knock out a tee with just 1m of fabric, it actually won’t cost more than buying them in store – plus they’ll be better quality, fit me better, yadda yadda.


So what should you do? Well, I’m not here to “should” you and we all have different skills and privileges. I encourage you to minimize your participation in fast fashion, and as I live out my pledge I will bring you along and share how I make it work. Stay tuned for roundups!


And finally, if you’re reading this and thinking I’m a snooty brat (I kinda am) who should just buy everything at Forever 21 like a normal person, here’s a video you should watch:



P.S. Get started with my Slow Fashion Guide to Basics!


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